Georgia the Pit Bull: Saved from Michael Vick

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Georgia looks a little like this dog, and seems just about as sweet.

Sweet Georgia Brown gave me a kiss today.

Not just another starlet dragged in for another Television Critics Asssociation session, Georgia's a pit bull, one of 22 fighting dogs rescued from Bad Newz Kennels, on property owned by disgraced Atlanta Falcolns Quaterback Michael Vick.

She and her pals are being rehabilitated at Dogtown, part of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Southern Utah, and focus of National Geographic Channel's "Dogtown," which returns Sept. 5 with a two-hour special, "Saving the Michael Vick Dogs."

At Dogtown, they figure Georgia's six years old, but it's hard to tell, since all her teeth, the most reliable age marker, have been removed. Nobody wanted her biting any of her mates, in the 11 or 12 times she'd been forcefully bred.

No problem eating though, says medical director Dr. Michael Dix. Toothless dogs and cats "just kind of gum it and shove it down."

Abused all her life until recently, Georgia just lay there sleeping as her co-stars expounded on their show, and when the presentation was over, she was nicer to the TV critics than almost all of the human TV actresses who traipse through the Press Tour.

I can't remember the last time one of them gave me a smooch.