Dhani Jones – Travelholic

Former Philadelphia Eagle Dhani Jones says his careers as a pro football player and a TV travel show host have made him better at both. And now he’s got a book that tells how.

“The Sportsman,” written with Jonathan Grotenstein, tells how the TV show, which  seemed like a distraction from his football career, actually served to “cross-train” him, enabling him to become a better, more globally aware person.

The self-proclaimed “travelholic” is on the road 100 days a year for his “Dhani Travels the Globe” show on the Travel Channel. It’s taken him to Thailand, where he tackled a style of kickboxing; Switzerland, for schwingen (wrestling); Australia for surf lifesaving; and Singapore for jai alai and dragon boat racing.  

He’s also been England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Cambodia, New Zealand, Croatia, Nepal, Brazil, and Mexico, tackling physical challenges.

The toughest? Climbing Mount Everest.

“You don’t know what it’s like not to breathe till you can’t breathe for 21 says, Dhani told attendees at The Philadelphia Travel Show this afternoon. “… You learn what you fight through t survive. I didn’t reach my goal, Island Peak, because of the altitude. ”