Mishap on Prince of Wales Trophy

Mike Richards poses with the NHL hockey Eastern Conference trophy after beating the Montreal Canadiens. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

The Flyers amazing run through the Eastern Conference seemingly escaped the one person who mattered the most: the trophy engraver.

A replica of the Prince of Wales trophy with the Washington Capitals mistakenly engraved as the 2009-10 champions was spotted by a Chicago fan while the hardware was on display at a Blackhawks event a few weeks ago.

Greg Wyshynski, of Yahoo!, quoted a Hall of Fame spokesperson who said the error had been corrected. The Hall of Fame has not immediately responded to the Daily News for verification of the story. The trophy is on display at the Hall’s museum in Toronto.

The confusion possibly stems from the Capitals being the NHL’s top regular-season team and earner of the President’s Trophy. The Prince of Wales goes to the Eastern Conference Champion, which of course, was the Flyers.
The trophy, at times, has been spurned by players because it is not the Stanley Cup. Flyers captain Mike Richards, however, embraced it after the Flyers unlikely run to the Finals. The biggest hurdle was overcoming an 0-3 series deficit to the Bruins in the second round.

“Obviously, it took us a lot to get here and it’s not the trophy that we want, but we haven't done anything conventional all year - especially in the playoffs,” Richards said the night the Flyers won the conference. “Might as well go against the grain one more time.”