Matt Carle blog: No accomplishment yet

Flyers defenseman Matt Carle will blog regularly, and exclusively, for the Daily News during the NHL playoffs.

Carle, 25, is in his fourth NHL season and his second as a Flyer. Carle captured two NCAA national titles in three seasons at the University of Denver, where he became the only junior defenseman to ever win hockey's Heisman Trophy, the Hobey Baker Award, in 2006. Carle is just one of 11 players in NHL history from Alaska and resides in Minnesota in the offseason.

Here is Matt’s blog for today:

It has been our goal to get back into this series. Here we are.

We are excited. After we were down 3-0 in this series, guys were pretty down in the dumps. So for us to be able to battle back in this series and finally have a chance to move on is huge.

We had a good first period last night but I think we can certainly ramp up our game more than we did in the last 40 minutes. I don’t know if it was nerves or we were relying on our fans to carry us once we got the lead, but we can be better than that.

This whole battle of getting back into this series is meaningless, though, if we don’t capitalize on it. We need to win the series. We haven’t really accomplished anything, we will just be another statistic if we don’t win the game tomorrow.

We are all excited. The last three games are something that I don’t think any of us will ever forget, battling back into a series like this. Guys are confident and we’re having fun at the same time.

Our flight left for Boston at 2 o’clock this afternoon. We switched up our restaurant for our team meal after Game 1’s loss and then we switched it up again after Game 2. We had a different one for the meal before Game 5 and I think we’re going back to that same one again tonight.

I’m not really that superstitious. You still have your own little routines and stuff, but I think you can drive yourself crazy with that stuff with superstitions. Whatever helps anyone to make them feel that way is fine by me. I just want to win. It was a good restaurant, too, so that’s all right.