Jeremy Roenick takes shot at Philly fans

Jeremy Roenick played for the Flyers from 2001 to 2004. (Chris Gardner/AP file photo)

We apparently have come a long way from Jeremy Roenick's big hug of Ed Snider when Roenick signed his massive free agent contract with the Flyers in 2001.

Roenick appears on the debut episode of a show called "Master Debaters," hosted by comedian Jay Mohr, tonight on FUEL TV (10:30 p.m.) and takes his shot at Philly fans during a debate segment on the most annoying fans in sports. Also on the panel are former Oakland A's outfielder Eric Byrnes and comedian Na'im Lynn.

JR goes to the booing of Santa Claus right away and then comes with this, "Do you remember when Tie Domi of the Maple Leafs was playing the Flyers and he was in the penalty box and that Philadelphia fan dove through the glass into the penalty box after the guy ... That is messed up fans. Philadelphia fans are crazy, crazy sons of bitches."

Perhaps his point was how intimidating the Philly fans are.

Mohr then brought up a completely inacurrate portrayal of the incident involving Michael Irvin being taken from the Vet with a neck injury.

"They threw snowballs at Michael Irvin on a friggin' stretcher. The guy might have had a broken nexk and they threw friggin' snowballs at him."

There's a video clip from the show below.

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