Grading the hockey headlines

One thing a Flyers fan can do to prolong the joy of a 6-0 victory is buzz the Internet for headlines. While there is no cheering in the IT room, here are some heads found on the web following last night’s rout.

As always, feel free to share any you’ve come across or perhaps create one of your own. Mine would have been “Yo, Canada.” I’m sure you can be more clever.

*CBSSports tried a word play that sounded better than it looked: "S-Halak-ing" ... Grade: C.

* did something similar, but a little cleaner: "Shalak-ing" ... Grade: B

* "Habs drop Game 1" … Grade: F.

*USA Today, playing off the Flyers successfully crowding Montreal’s crease: "Traffic Jam in Philadelphia" ... Grade: B

* "Back to Earth, Flyers chase Halak en route to win in East Final opener" ... Grade D

*ESPN: "Frequent Flyers" ... Grade C+. Bonus points because that's the name of our blog.

*NHL: "Orange Crush" ... Grade C.

*Montreal Gazette: "A Habs nightmare on Broad Street" … Grade C-

-- Ed Barkowitz