Flyers watching and waiting for Round 2

Flyers players had the day off today in the aftermath of their Game 7 victory over Buffalo.

Now, they watch and wait until tonight to find out who their second-round opponent is. No matter who it is, we know the series will begin at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday.

Pittsburgh faces Tampa Bay and Montreal faces Boston in a pair of Game 7s tonight. Should be some fun hockey to watch.

The Flyers will play the Bruins if the Bruins beat Montreal. If Montreal wins, the Canadiens play Washington and the Flyers face either the Penguins or Lightning.

“Right now we are just cleaning up everything from the last series, talking about moving forward and what we are going to do with our group," Flyers coach Peter Laviolette said. "To prepare for three opponents seems like a lot of wasted time for me. We are going to have plenty of time to dot that over the next couple of days, get an opportunity to watch the games tonight and see the teams playing. I think that is a good thing. Then one score goes one way and one goes the other way, you can dial in on something maybe watch that game a little more. We will get all the information we need.

"We don’t change too much on what we do in the regular season from the playoffs. There is a little bit more to it at the beginning of each series, then its making adjustments throughout the series just based on games played. After the initial blasts, which will be Thursday and Friday, it becomes less challenging than the regular season because you are preparing for a new opponent and talking a about changes you need to make in your system just based on opponent changing nightly. There is a lot of work out front, but once we get our opponent we will take care of that.”

The rest and preparation time is never bad to have.

“It’s really good. Especially today, the guys get to stay away from the rink, they don’t have to come in and think about hockey," Laviolette said. "Even coming to the rink sometimes, its that grind of coming in and your going to work. Sometimes just a day off and a break away from that is a good thing and with the extra days we are allowed here we can utilize this to our advantage to come in fresh tomorrow. We will know where we are going and which direction we are going. We can start working on some things relative to our opponent. To have the day off today and have the preparation time is always a bonus.”

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