A  study released Thursday by the web-research group Poll Position found that 43% of Americans believe divine intervention is at least partly responsible for the phenomenal success of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.
 Oh really?
 Then how do you explain the failures of all those other NFL players who pray and call themsevles born-again Christians?
 Does God like Tebow better?
 Is God a Broncos fan?
 Does God prefer white quarterbacks over, say, African-American linemen?
 This whole notion of God intervening in football games is as ridiculous as the Tebow phenomenon itself.
  If whoever created this planet -- and the billions of others out there whose only purpose, if you believe the Tebows of the world, is to serve as a colorful backdrop for earth --has nothing better to do on Sundays than help determine the outcomes of NFL games, then there's really not much point on believing in a God, is there?
 Let's face it: Tebow is a marginally talented quarterback enjoying a run of luck and success he will be hard-pressed to match again, no longer how long he plays. 
Or prays. 

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