1.  Gene Mauch  – Crazed in the dugout, cursed by fate, propelled by  hidden fires.

2.  Wilt Chamberlain – Dominated opponents but never himself. As odd and enigmatic as he was talented.

3.  Allen Iverson – Honed a studied street toughness and yet dissolved tears on his return here.

4.  Steve Carlton – Pounded rice, savored wine, forsook interviews, concocted conspiracies.

5.  Dick Allen – Like Wilt, possessed of enormous talent and a strange, restless temperament.

6.  Randall Cunningham –- Just as he did at QB, his mind flitted and scrambled and defied constraints and conventional analysis.

7.  Eric Lindros – Strong and powerful, yet allowed himself to be tugged and pulled by his parents and the Flyers.

8.  Fred Shero – The fog that enveloped him was an impenetrable one.

9.  Lenny Dykstra – The demons that pushed him eventually floored him.

10. Tug McGraw – How could someone so happy have ended up so sad?