Two picks for Brown


It’s no secret that Sheldon Brown hasn’t been happy with his situation. He wanted a new contract or to be traded, and he skipped a “voluntary” off-season minicamp to make sure the front office knew he was serious. It didn’t matter. Brown didn’t get a new deal and didn’t get traded, and now look. Two picks in one half. It’s a heck of a start for the 30-year-old Brown.

Even though he remains salty and understands that, as he told me earlier this week, “the writing’s on the wall” for him here, Brown is a professional. And as he frequently says, Sheldon’s got to take care of Sheldon, and every game is an opportunity to audition for another team. Brown wants to win, but just as important to him is to prove himself. It’s always something, year after year, with Brown – a threat to his starting job, a perceived slight from a coach – and yet he’s always in the starting lineup and always making plays.

Both Brown picks came when Jake Delhomme was looking for his favorite target, Steve Smith. Near the end of the first quarter, with Eagles rookie safety Macho Harris covering Smith, Delhomme threw behind Smith and Brown snatched the ball before it hit the turf. As a result, the Eagles got the board with a field goal. Brown’s second pick came in the second quarter, when he stepped in front of Smith and grabbed the ball. Brown returned it 35 yards, and Brent Celek scored on the next play to give the Eagles a 24-7 lead.