Terrible turf

Should the Linc's playing surface be so chopped up after just 1 1/2 games there? My backyard used to look better and I had moles, voles and four kids. At this rate, by December it probably will resemble Karakung's rough. Is creating a quality playing surface so difficult? Penn State, which has one of the nation's top turf-management programs, is only a couple of hours away.  Have somebody make the trip with a truck load of sod. ...  The Eagles continue to pummel Casell and the Chiefs' backs. .... No good angles on the Larry Johnson's fumble that the Eagles recovered. This really was CBS' E Team. ... Kolb looks adequate, nothing more. .. You catch that black-and-white Levi's commercial? Did I miss something? Like a point? It was an incomprehensible cross between an avant-garde art film and something a 12-year-old might post on YouTube.