Big game from Akers

Update: Monster game from David Akers. He just kicked a 52-yard field goal to pull the Eagles to 20-16 with under 5 minutes to play. Earlier in the game, Akers made a 45-yarder and a 48-yarder. He's made the difficult look routine.


Update: This is why the Cowboys love Miles Austin. He is a YAC machine. On a crucial third-and-14 play from the Eagles' 49-yard line, Austin blew past Sheldon Brown, caught a perfect pass from Tony Romo, and cruised away from three trailing Eagles defenders for the go-ahead touchdown. It was Austin's first catch of the game, and it couldn't have come at a bigger time. Prior to that play, the Cowboys had converted just five of 12 third-down attempts. They lead 20-13.


Update: Huge review call by the official, who took a second look at the spot after Donovan McNabb's attempted sneak on fourth-and-1 with less than 11 minutes to play. The official upheld the ruling on the field that McNabb didn't get the first down. It cost the Eagles their third, and final, timeout, which very well could come back to haunt them in this 13-13 game.

One knock -- deserved or not -- on each of the starting quarterbacks in that they can't win the big game, can't lead their team from behind, can't win it in the stretch. Well, each has an opportunity to do just that in these final few minutes.


Update: This is why Asante Samuel doesn't tackle. When he actually got credited with one on Felix Jones, Samuel ended up on his back for several minutes. Donovan McNabb, DeSean Jackson, Jason Avant and Andy Reid stood around Samuel as trainers worked on him. Now, he's out of the game.

Samuel probably wishes he did make one tackle earlier in the game. In the second quarter, Patrick Crayton caught a Romo pass, then stiff-armed Samuel on his way to a 64-yard gain. It was an embarrassing effort even for Samuel, who has great vision and quickly breaks on the ball but who either can't or won't ever tackle.

According to the Eagles, Samuel has a neck injury. He's sitting on the bench with his helmet on.


Update: So Tony Romo's big streak came to an end. Never before had he gone three consecutive games without an interception. The Eagles wouldn't let him make it four. Sheldon Brown picked off Romo midway through the third quarter, ending Romo's streak at 143 consecutive passes without an interception.

Romo came into the game having played pretty well. In wins over Kansas City, Atlanta and Seattle, Romo had triple-digit passer ratings, with eight touchdowns in those three games. Tonight, he's made a few mistakes. After starting the game 8 of 13 for 94 yards, Romo has misfired on 6 of his last 11 passes.


Update: DeSean Jackson has had a quiet night catching the ball -- McNabb has only thrown to him once -- but he played a part in the Eagles' touchdown drive. Jackson was singled up with Terence Newman, and drew a look from a Cowboys safety. McNabb threw a short pass to Jeremy Maclin, who sprinted down field and got a block from Jackson (of Newman) to get a couple extra yards. All told, Maclin's reception went for 45 yards, and two plays later the Eagles scored the go-ahead touchdown.

If Jackson goes without a catch tonight, it'll be interesting to see how he reacts afterward. After one low-production game earlier this season, Jackson left the locker room without talking to reporters, giving off the impression, true or not, that he was displeased. He's Hollywood for a reason, but the Eagles want Jackson to learn to be a team player. That block was a good example that Jackson is getting it.