It's always sunny in Philadelphia?

Welcome to Philly, Will Witherspoon. Everyone loves you. Until they hate you. But this being a time of unprecedented success, we'll focus on the love. For now.

Witherspoon, for six days an Eagle, just scored a touchdown to give the Eagles a 14-0 lead that probably will be insurmountable for the Redskins. Quintin Mikell blitzed up the middle and tipped a quick Jason Campbell pass at the line. The ball fell into Witherspoon's lap, and he jogged nine yards into the end zone. Then, at the start of the second quarter, defensive coordinator Sean McDermott sent Witherspoon on a blitz. He chased Campbell, then stripped him from behind. Mikell recovered.

What a journey for 'spoon. On Tuesday, the Eagles traded a wide receiver and a draft pick to St. Louis for the 29-year-old linebacker, who moved into the starting middle linebacker spot here after Omar Gaither suffered a Lisfranc injury. So he went from an 0-6 team to a potential contender. And you had to wonder after two big plays why the Rams let him go?