All tied up

We're all tied up. David Akers just kicked a 23-yard field goal. It's now 10-10 with 2:38 left in the first half. The Eagles just had the ball for 8 minutes, 20 seconds.

We've seen all kinds of variations of the wildcat today from the Eagles, which makes me think next week against the Chiefs we're going to see a lot of Michael Vick. Today, however, it's been DeSean Jackson as the wildcat. He's pretty much done everything today but kick a field goal. On one play during this drive, the Eagles used only three down linemen, with Jackson at quarterback. He ran for four yards before Scott Fujita brought him down. While they're definitely entertaining, the wildcat formations haven't brought any big gains. But if today is any indication, we could see Vick in the wildcat about a dozen times against Kansas City.