I'm a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan and I hate games like this -- the ones you're supposed to win at home. It's custom-built for a disappointment. I recall hundreds of heartbreaks in situations like this -- Game 4 of the '77 NLCS; Games 1 and 2 of the '78 NLCS;  the Redskins' skunking of Buddy Ryan's last Eagles team in an NFC playoff at the Vet; the 76ers  losing to the Celtics on 67 different occasions. The day is gray and cloudy and it won't take much for the mood of the crowd at the Linc to swing that way. We all know that if Kevin Kolb comes out and plays like, well, Kevin Kolb, the crowd will start screaming for Vick and the beer man. (Paging Judge Seamus McCaffrey!) ... Speaking of Buddy Ryan, have you seen the size of Rex Ryan? The "46" apparently is both the defense he plays and his waist size. When Buddy talked about the twins, I always assumed he had two sons.