Which chain makes the best burger?

Shake Shack's cheeseburger, one of the entrants.

Few topics are debated as thoroughly these days as, "Who makes the best burger?"

Of course, not only is "best" incredibly and completely subjective, but there are so many competitors.

Danya Henninger, editor of Philadelphia's Zagat.com, wisely did not set outto do a comprehensive burger test that hit every mom-and-pop shop, but something easier to wrap her slender fingers around:

The chain burger specialist (that is, the non-fast-food variety).

In Philly, you might call these shops - which have opened only in the last decade - our "Big Five": Shake Shack, Good Stuff Eatery, BurgerFi, Five Guys, and Bobby's Burger Palace.

Henninger plays diplomat in her smackdown, crowning each shop a top pick in a category.

She does name her favorite, though.

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