Wait! A caffeinated waffle?

We at The Food Department almost spat out our doppio espresso when we saw what tastemaker UrbanDaddy had spotted.

It's Wired Waffles, which add a caffeine kick to your morning carbs.

"See, no one’s trying to redefine the waffle here — just improve it," UD writes. "So they fashioned some perfectly hand-holdable Belgian-style ones and injected some flavor (like sugar, chocolate chip, cinnamon and straight-up bacon). Then they added enough caffeine for three cups of coffee. The result: a Frankenwaffle that endows its eater with the power of 10 men. (Or at least the power of forming full sentences before 9am.)"

At $10 (free shipping) for a box of three, this jolt is not cheap.

See them here.