Vitamin-packed egg yolks offer more than you think

Egg yolks. (Photo via

From store shelves to restaurant menus, egg whites have been stealing the show lately. The healthier alternative to regular eggs has been in such high demand that egg suppliers have been “force molting” their chickens in order to keep up with the latest health trend.

While the egg whites are packed with protein and don’t have cholesterol or fat, Alicia Lamoureux from is a big fan of egg yolks. Yolks do contain fat, however they’re the good kind of fat, with plenty of nutrients. She even thinks they taste better!

In hopes to inspire others to give egg yolks a shot, Lamoureux shared a few recipes such as roasted red pepper aiolo, cinnamon-walnut babka and zambaglione with strawberries and asian pears.

Check out her recipes and more on the benefits of egg yolks here.