Two Philly pizzerias make ‘Food & Wine’s’ list of 'Best Pizza Places' in U.S.

Folks in Philly already know that our slices are not to be taken lightly, but according to Food & Wine magazine, it turns out the City of Brotherly Love is home to two of the best pizzerias in the country.

Food & Wine this week released its list of the “Best Pizza Places in the U.S.,” with Tacconelli’s Pizzeria (2604 E. Somerset St.) and Pizzeria Vetri (1615 Chancellor St. and 1939 Callowhill St.) making the cut. The list consists of 31 selections, and is presented in no particular order.

Of Pizzeria Vetri, Food & Wine writes that the restaurant’s “Neapolitan pies come with thick, chewy crusts and toppings like prosciutto crudo and roasted fennel.” The rotolo, meanwhile, are “not to be missed.”

Tacconelli’s gets a nod for its beloved tomato pies, with Food & Wine noting that the “Philly pizza institution” hasn’t altered its recipe for them “since Italian immigrant Giovanni Tacconelli started serving them in 1946.”

The honor for Pizzeria Vetri comes as the restaurant chain announced that it would temporarily close its King of Prussia location to accommodate a menu change this week. That location opened last September without the signature Vetri Neapolitan pies, but rather square pizza al taglio and rotolo on offer. Now, the traditional pies will be included.

The Food & Wine list leaves off Pizzeria Beddia, which Bon Appétit magazine said in 2015 had the best pizza in America. Other selections include New York’s Paulie Gee’s, New Haven, Conn.’s Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana, and 800 Degrees in Los Angeles. Most choices, however, are New York-based.