Two Filipino food guys offer home cooking

Philly food writer Drew Lazor and photog Neal Santos - both of Filipino descent - had been lamenting the dearth of Filipino food in Philadelphia.

They've prevailed upon chef Scott Schroeder, who will host a one-night event called Tita Rosy's at American Sardine Bar (18th and Federal Streets) on Thursday, Sept. 26, starting at 6 p.m.

Tita Rosy's is named after their moms: Lazor's is Generosa and Santos' is Rosalinda. "Tita" is Tagalog for "aunt."

Lazor promises a "super casual" affair with a menu of all Filipino classics with little tweaks and twists: lumpia, or Filipino spring rolls; Filipino BBQ skewers; adobo, the vinegar stew that white people really like; and more. They'll do halo-halo, the dessert of shaved ice and condensed milk.

It's all pay as you go.