This may be the best burger in America. Or maybe it's not.

The re-created approximation of the Apple Pan hickory burger.

Many hours and pixels are used up in the quest to showcase the "best" of some kind of food, whether it's cheesesteaks, pizza or burgers.

Pizza? We all know it's ... Right?

Cheesesteaks? Of course it's .....


Burgers? On Saturday, May 17, CBS Radio's Glen Macnow will crown a winner in his Philadelphia-area quest for the "best."

The choice that Macnow and his voters make, of course, will not only be subject to local debate but will come under national scrutiny.

How can Macnow's top burgers compare to In-N-Out or to the other West Coast-style burger houses?

That's the point of a wonderful piece by Meg Favreau at Table Matters about Los Angeles as a burger town. Because it is.

West Coast burgers typically boast thin patties, toasted buns, pickles, iceberg lettuce, and sauce - frequently Thousand Island dressing, she writes.

She likes The Apple Pan's burgers. Every time someone declares that The Apple Pan makes the best burger, it starts a war.

But rather than talking about what other people find wrong with The Apple Pan, she writes, "I want to talk about what’s right - and what, if anything, can really make a burger 'the best burger.' "

She sets out an approximaton of The Apple Pan's recipe - including the hickory sauce.

Try it yourself. It's here.