The president of Iceland wants to ban pineapple pizza. He needs to try these Philly slices.

The Hawaiian pizza from Blackbird Pizzeria uses house-smoked tofu.

Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, the president of Iceland, dropped a bombshell during a Q&A session last week at a high school: He hates pineapple pizza so much that he would ban it if he could pass laws on his own. 

While Jóhannesson is exceedingly popular in Iceland, perhaps he needs to get out more — to Philadelphia, to be exact, where he can check out some of the delicious pineapple pies that we have to offer. 

Owed my sweet co worker a huge favor and all she wanted in return was an Al Pastor Izza from Rosario's #foodiejockey @llopez1114 #pizza #mexicanpizza

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Rosario's Pizzeria (1501 Wharton St.) has been doing pizza with Mexican flavors and toppings, as Craig LaBan notes, for years. The South Philly spot puts out a traditional Hawaiian pizza but excels a al pastor pizza, featuring guajillo pepper sauce, mozzarella cheese, marinated pork in a mild chili sauce, and chunks of pineapple.

If President Jóhannesson is looking for a more traditional Hawaiian pizza, our Nick Vadala suggests the Better Hawaiian at Uncle Oogie'savailable at its two South Philly locations (36 E. Snyder Ave. and 2119 W. Oregon Ave.), as well as the Sea Isle City joint (6118 Landis Ave.). Nick writes:

Oogie’s take, “The Better Hawaiian” (or “T.B.H.” for short), swaps the traditional ham for bacon, the clearly superior meat. That smoky, salty hit of bacon mixes with the sweet pineapple and creamy cheese for a pineapple pizza that is slightly more elevated than the slices that likely turned off Iceland’s leader. Plus, Oogie’s crust is tough to beat.

The Icelandic diet is heavy on lamb, dairy, and fish, but if President Jóhannesson wants to switch things up and go vegan, he can always try Blackbird Pizzeria's take on the Hawaiian, featuring house-smoked tofu instead of the traditional ham, roasted pineapple and daiya cheese. 

Hawaiian !������

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Have a fave pineapple slice in the city? Let us know in the comments.