The perfect strawberry shortcake

Melissa Ward remembers joining her mother for the annual nine-hour car rides to Upstate New York to see her grandmother and aunt.

One reward was her grandmother's strawberry shortcake. "She would pick the berries in the morning while we were driving up and bake the subtly sweet biscuits in the afternoon," Ward writes for Drexel University's Table Matters blog. "We would arrive shortly before dinnertime, and after having a light meal, she would step away to make fresh whipped cream. Then the shortcakes would be served..."

"A bowl heaped with biscuits, berries, and cream are some of my strongest memories from my childhood. It’s surprising how a humble homemade dessert could so easily bring together three generations of women in my family."

Ward presents three recipes for shortcake - a pound cake, biscuits and even cookies - here.