Your favorite hoagie shops


Among the things that Philadelphia calls its own is the hoagie - traditionally, sliced meat or a mayo-based salad, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, oregano and what-not on a crusty Italian roll.

Everyone has a favorite shop.

We put out a call for your favorite hoagie shop a few weeks ago. Based on the responses (about 2,000 of them), we created a list of the top 50 responses for our poll.

Then we put those 50 up for a vote, and nearly 10,000 votes later, we have our winners.

Yes, folks. This was a popularity contest. YOUR picks.

Not a declaration that so-and-so makes the "best" hoagie in the area.

Not surprisingly, the top vote-getter was Primo, the franchise behemoth with 90 locations in six states that grew out of a deli at 16th and Ritner in South Philly. (The only hoagie-seller with more locations is Wawa, which was third in the poll.)

Sarcone's Deli at Ninth and Fitzwater Streets, the offshoot of the renowned South Philly roll bakery, was a solid second.

Here is the top 10 and the number of votes:

1. Primo Hoagie's (franchise) 1,476

2. Sarcone's Deli  (South Philadelphia) 770

3. Wawa (chain) 601

4. Lee's Hoagie House (chain/franchise) 424

5. A Cut Above (Newtown Square) 417

6 Tie: Paesano's (South Philadelphia, Northern Liberties) 344

6 Tie: T&F Farmers' Pride (Roxborough)  344

8. Chickie's Deli (South Philadelphia)   331

9. Carmen's Deli (Bellmawr)  325

10. Fink's (Northeast Philadelphia)  260

The poll proved that people are passionate about their hoagies, as the number of write-ins was staggering.

A few of you shared the idea for us to go out and profile the shops that help define the Philly hoagie. Great thought!

In coming weeks, you'll get a taste of not only the top-ranked places but some of the dozens of "little guys."