The best chain burgers in America?

We tired of rating burgers yet?

Last weekend was the finale of Glen Macnow's Great Hamburger Hunt, where the CBS Philly sports guy sampled 40 local burger spots to come up with Rouge and Dog & Bull as the tops in the Philadelphia area.

Now, The Street has released its picks for the five best burger chains in America. And like every other list, there is ample room for debate.

Its top was Shake Shack, followed by In-N-Out, Elevation Burger, Culver's (not around here), and Five Guys. See the "methodology" here.

If you want to be on a panel of experts to select the best burgers in the Philly area, head to Xfinity Live at 3 p.m. Sunday, June 8 for Burger Brawl. It's not only a grass-roots benefit for city schools, it's an opportunity to taste and rate the wares from 50 local eateries.

Tickets are here.