Secrets of Vernick

Greg Vernick of Vernick Food and Drink. (CHARLES FOX / Staff Photographer)

Conde Nast Travel called on Gregory Vernick at Vernick Food + Drink (2031 Walnut St.) and got the inside information on certain key dishes on his menu.

His whole Amish chicken with lemon and herb jus, for example?

"First, we buy a local chicken from a cooperative of farms that raise their chickens under very strict and humane guidelines. The chicken goes under a brine for 12 hours, and the surprise component is we steam it first at a really low temperature for about two hours to keep it nice and moist without putting any aggressive heat into the protein. Then we finish it in the wood-fired oven at a very high temperature to char the skin, and it comes out really crackly and crispy, but super moist on the inside."

This story will make you mighty hungry.

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