Roll your own English muffins

A breakfast sandwich at, in the AKA Rittenhouse Hotel: Fried egg and house-made English muffin.

"Only the English muffin has the right size and sheer tenacity to properly rein in the wily breakfast sandwich," writes Meg Favreau in "Yet we rarely give it the attention it deserves."

Favreau says she assumed that the English muffin-making process was too difficult to do at home. "In my mind, English muffin factories employed multimillion-dollar industrial nook-and-cranny machines," she writes.

A Google search did not contradict that theory.

Frustrated, she turned to a colleague, who turned her on to James Beard-winning author John Thorne.

He, in turn, sent along a self-published booklet, The English Muffin: Its Origins, Preparation & Accompaniment.

And voila.

See the easy-to-follow recipe here,