'Planet of the Grapes': Wine on your tablet

If you've been following Jason Wilson's wine writing here, you'll love his new series of digital wine guides called "Planet of the Grapes," produced for Smart Set Press by Table Matters and Drexel University.

A new volume (about 100 pages) will be released quarterly at a modest price ($4.99 for the first installment).

Each volume focuses on a specific topic or theme from the world of wine, such as Alternative Reds, Great Whites, Sweet and Fortified Wines, Affordable Sparklers, and Spain.

Wilson explores each topic as a storyteller, teaching about wine in a fun, accessible and less intimidating way, giving bottle recommendations along the way — with links that will allow readers to find the bottles at stores nearest them.

In "Volume 1, Alternative Reds," Wilson explores off-the-beaten-path red wines that offer a wine lover — whether a newbie or an experienced connoisseur who’s stuck in a rut — a different path into the world of wine with over 140 recommendations.

Table Matters has posted an excerpt in which Wilson discusses carménère – lost in France, mislabeled in Chile, and found again. It's here.

Order the e-book here and get a 30-page bonus article, "When Wine Talk Gets Weird."