Meet Zagat's top-rated burgers in Philadelphia

Bacon burger from Nick's Roast Beef in Old City.

The best burger in Philadelphia?

We've heard from Burger Brawl, Glen Macnow's hunt and even our own poll. is now out with its first-ever 2014 Burger Survey, working with the opinions of 3,466 people. Article is here.

The #1 burger in Philadelphia, according to Zagat voters, was Nick's Bacon Burger, as served at Nick's Roast Beef Bar & Grille on Second Street in Old City. The burger, which sells for $8, is a ground bacon burger patty with housemade salsa, jack cheese, fried pickle and jalapeños on brioche.

No. 2 was Sketch in Fishtown, whose smashed onion burger was cited.

No. 3 was Village Whiskey in Rittenhouse, for the Whiskey King.

No. 4 was Spot Burger, a cart at Drexel U, for the Spot Burger.

No. 5 was Butcher & Singer in Rittenhouse, for its Burger Burger

No. 6 was South Philadelphia Tap Room in South Philly.

No. 7 was The Dandelion in Rittenhouse.

No. 8 was Rouge in Rittenhouse.

No. 9 was Royal Tavern in South Philly.

No. 10 was London Grill in Fairmount.

See this accompanying article for honorable mentions.

Unlike Zagat’s iconic restaurant surveys, in which users rate the food, decor, and service of establishments, burger survey participants reviewed the most popular burgers in their cities and separately rated flavor, ingredients and value on Zagat’s signature 30-point scale.

Besides Philadelphia, the top burgers in each market (with accompanying overall* score) are as follows:

Austin: Mighty Fine Burgers Fries Shakes - The Classic with Cheese (25)

Atlanta: Illegal Food - The Hank (28)

Boston: Craigie On Main - Local Grass-Fed Beef Burger (26)

Chicago: Lockdown Bar & Grill - The Lockdown Warden (28)

Dallas: The Grape - Classic Cheeseburger (26)

Denver: Highland Tap & Burger: Shroom Luva's (26)

Houston: Kenny & Ziggy’s - In Queso Emergency

Los Angeles: In-N-Out - Double-Double (23)

Miami: db Bistro Moderne - The Original db Burger (28)

New York: Peter Luger - Luger-Burger (24)

San Diego: Carnitas' Snack Shack - Snack Shack Burger (26)

San Francisco: Nopa - Grass Fed Hamburger (24)

Seattle: Palace Kitchen - Palace Burger Royale (28)

Toronto: The Rude Boy - The Natural (27)

Washington D.C.: Le Diplomate - Burger Americain (26)

* Overall scores are an average of the Flavor, Ingredients and Value scores.

Participants report eating burgers 4.6 times per month on average, getting their fix at specialty-burger joints (53%), general restaurants (23%), fast-food spots (9%) and diners (4%).

While 72% of respondents say they would be willing to spend between $10 to $20 for a burger, 44% said they would spend more than $25 on a “mind-blowing” burger.

When it comes to food trends, these adventurous eaters say they have or would consume burgers with a fried egg (64%), on a pretzel bun (64%), on a ramen bun (30%) and even on the sinful donut bun (23%).

Although 82% of men admit to eating multiple-patty burgers, a whopping 66% of them admit to no-so-barbarically eating a burger with a knife and fork.

Surprisingly, 20% of respondents say they prefer to dress their burger with artisanal ketchup (vs. 31% who prefer the classic Heinz).

Article is here.

In 2010, Zagat voters rated the burgers from Five Guys as the best chain burgers in the country.