Meet one of the best bartenders in America

Vincent Stipo pouring a Czech Bitter at Vernick Food & Drink, 2031 Walnut St. DAVID SWANSON / Staff Photographer

Vincent Stipo, who runs the bar at Rittenhouse's Vernick Food & Drink, has landed on The Daily Meal's list of the top 25 American bartenders.

Relatively, Stipo hasn't been bartending all that long - pretty much since Vernick opened at 2031 Walnut St. in May 2012.

Stipo, 28, trained in the kitchen (starting at his uncle's restaurant) and studied culinary at Boston University. His treatment of cocktails - treating drinks as a chef handles food - informs his approach, he said.

Stipo also picked up a love for the classics while at Boston's Eastern Standard with Jackson Cannon, who insisted that bartenders stay true to the ingredients and the original measurements.

Stipo's cocktail list - and the cordials and infusions are all house-made - is divided into classics and currents.

You can get yourself a proper Jack Rose or and old-fashioned, or something more in vogue, such as his milk punch - an old-timey drink made contemporary with tea-and-citrus-infused gin and served in a sherry glass seasoned with cinnamon smoke.

And if you're not in a drinking mood, you must try his puckeringly tangy ginger-and-lime soda.

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