How they do it: A taco shell made out of bacon

PYT's bacon taco managed to earn a jab from Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers only five days after its debut. ( Hillary Petrozziello / Staff Photographer )

Bacon, pork belly, whatever you call it, Philly has gone hog-wild over pig.

A team of chefs piled into the kitchen of Northern Liberties' PYT with pounds of bacon and one gluttonous goal in mind: How to make a structurally sound, deep-fried taco shell made out of bacon.

The result now sizzling in the hearts and arteries of Philadelphia’s bacon enthusiasts is chef Kim Malcolm’s gift to humanity – the bacon taco. The $14 dish has quickly become a classic, earning a jab from Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers only five days after its debut.

“A restaurant in Philadelphia has created a new taco that replaces the shell with slices of bacon,” he said. “Of course, no matter how good it tastes, you’re still in Philadelphia.”

One frantic customer called PYT,  fearing that the tacos would be gone before she arrived. That, friends, is a real concern. Due to the time-consuming nature of the shell-making, management limits sales to one per customer, 20 per day.

A meaty masterpiece that took three days to perfect has earned a spot on PYT’s permanent menu and a place in pop culture. (Bacon vodka, on the other hand, is still just wrong in so many ways.)

PYT, at 1050 N. Hancock St. in the Piazza at Schmidt's, will be featured Monday, Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. in an episode of United States of Bacon on Destination America. And the featured dish won't be the taco; it's a burger.

Also to be featured will be Philly establishments SoWe (22d and Carpenter Streets), McNally's (8634 Germantown Ave.), and Jake's Sandwich Board (122 S. 12th St.). More details here.


How do you make a bacon taco?

1: Weave strips of bacon into an intricate taco shell.

2. Place a layer of plastic wrap on both sides of the bacon sheet.

3. Pound with mallet until strips of bacon are of equal thickness.

4. Form into taco shell mold and deep fry or bake.

5. Fill with taco or burger ingredients and enjoy!