Luke's Lobster intros a 'gluten-friendly' bun

Lobster roll at Luke's Lobster, 130 S 17th St. ( DAVID SWANSON / Staff Photographer )

Luke's Lobster, the lobster-roll specialist at 17th and Sansomn Streets, is offering a "gluten-friendly" option.

The shop cautions that the buns are made with no gluten. "However, if you have been to one of our restaurants you know we have tiny kitchens," says vice president Ben Conniff. "There's no way we can be sure that traces of gluten from our regular buns don't get on the gluten free buns, and we don't want people with severe allergies to take that risk. But the 'gluten-friendly' option could be great for those who have a tolerance for trace amounts of gluten but not for larger quantities. The term helps us initiate that conversation, rather than risk misleading someone by saying 'gluten-free.' "

The buns are made by Better Bread of Saco, Maine, and are available for an extra $2.