How did guacamole get to the Super Bowl?


How did guacamole consumption become a Super Bowl thing?

A lot of it is a simple matter of supply and demand for the humble avocado.

Sara Davis, writing for Table Matters, notes the watershed seemed to occur in the 1980s, when California saw a spike in avocado farm start-ups. "This bounty, combined with the establishment of commissions to promote avocados and protect grower interests, triggered the classic feedback loop that mainstreams 'exotic' food into American culture: the more visible and widely distributed a food becomes, the less strange it seems; the less strange it seems, the more widespread it becomes."

See the article here.

And how about a couple of guac recipes from two Philly spots that do it right?

Distrito in University CIty, from Jose Garces. Recipe is here.

El Vez in Center City, whose recipe was developed by Garces when he oversaw the kitchen. Recipe is here.