Sugar withdrawal: How about a cupcake ATM?

Holly Madison withdraws the first cupcake from Sprinkies' Las Vegas ATM.

It's 3 a.m.

She has raided her purse, the cabinets, the fridge and freezer.

The chocolate stash is empty, except for the bar of baker's chocolate.

She nudges her sleeping guy awake.

Wordlessly, he shuffles out the door, down the steps, out to the street and up to the cupcake ATM.

Yes, an ATM that dispenses cupcakes.

The Sprinkles chain - which has poked around Philly for potential locations in the recent past - has set up such carbo-riffic ATMs on the Upper East Side of New York and at the Spinkles shops in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago.

The New York Post reports that the $4.25 cupcake flavors include red velvet, Cuban coffee, banana dark chocolate and cinnamon sugar, and there are even cupcakes for dogs 

The machine is restocked two to three times a day to keep things fresh, co-owner Charles Nelson said.