How Philly! A cheesesteak waffle

Cheesesteak waffle at Chhaya.

You can debate the merits of a cheesesteak prepared on a roll from Sarcone, or from Carangi, or from Cacia's.

Chhaya Cafe (1823 E. Passyunk Ave.) has added a cheesesteak to the menu - but chef/owner Varnana “V” Beuria is serving it on a waffle.

It's part of her summer weekend brunch menu, which is rolling on during construction of Chhaya's new home at 1817 E. Passyunk.

She layers shaved ribeye, homemade cheese sauce with aged white and yellow cheddar, sauteed peppers and onions on one of her waffles for $12.

Why she is not calling it a Chheesesteak, we don't know.