Friday, July 31, 2015

Horse meat on the menu

Two chefs here are considering it.

Horse meat on the menu

Ever searching for new experiences for their patrons, chefs Marc Vetri and Peter McAndrews are considering adding horse meat to their menus.

McAndrews, who serves a mock horse meat dish at his BYOB Monsu, told FooBooz that he wants to go all-in this spring - never mind any criticism. A chef in New York put it on the menu last year and then quickly pulled it after protests.

Vetri says he enjoyed a horse filet mignon in Montreal and said he would love to serve it. He doesn't see the distinction between animals we eat or don't eat.

Thumper, yea. Trigger, neigh?

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Would you eat horse meat on a restaurant menu?
Yes, I'll give it a go
No, I've seen National Velvet more than once

By the way, you can slaughter a horse for human consumption in the USA since a ban was lifted in 2011.

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