Friday, October 31, 2014
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Gas grill or charcoal grill: Which is better?

Wired mag has a debate going.

Gas grill or charcoal grill: Which is better?

Debate has raged for decades over the advantages of cooking on a gas grill versus a charcoal grill.

Wired mag presents two essays to make the opposing cases.

Joe Brown, of the pro-charcoal camp, weighs in by saying: "True fact: Cooking on a gas grill is more convenient than cooking with charcoal. It’s also a lot less special. And, scientifically speaking, it creates less flavorful food." He alleges that charcoal provides a "healthy heaping" of what he calls "aroma compounds."

Arguing for gas is Mark McClusky, who counters: "Charcoal purists will try and tell you that their preferred fuel leads to better flavor. This is, well, nonsense. Your food doesn’t know what’s creating the heat below it, and once charcoal is hot, there aren’t any aromatic compounds left in the coals."

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Charcoal essay is here.

Gas essay is here.

Argue away!

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