Five healthy-ish holiday foods

PHOTOGRAPH BY MICHAEL S. WIRTZ.12/23/04.IN THIS PHOTO... Craig reviews the continental Mid-town at 18th and Chestnut. Calamari salad.

Phillyism is out with a list of five foods that "won't make you feel like a fatty," under the assumption that between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we're trying to eat somewhat healthfully.

Among the crop is the "Bacado" at the new Eat-A-Pita shop on 12th Street near Sansom, which loads greens on its pita sandwiches for filling meals. But if you're looking for healthfully, we say, you can do much better at Eat-A-Pita than the Bacado, which includes bacon and avocado along with the veggies.

Phillyism also heaps praise on The Continental's calamari salad - while adding a disclaimer that its crispy calamari is "clearly unhealthy." 

To which we say, to heck with "somewhat healthfully."

Keep eating.

The article is here.


Photo: Calamari salad from The Continental Mid-town, Michael S. Wirtz / Staff Photographer