Eating while traveling: Remember, you are not Anthony Bourdain

"Traveler’s illnesses will lay low, even kill, guys who count themselves manly if they gulp down stinky tofu in Taipei or maggots in the Yucatan," writes John Mariani, who travels the world as a food writer and tends to take the 5-star way out.

In a piece for his Virtual Gourmet newsletter, he shows you how to avoid travel tummy troubles.

The basic problem, he writes, is that if you grew up in the United States, "no matter how healthy you are, you haven’t developed defenses against all exotic bacteria. The stress of travel, the different schedules and missed routines can compromise your immune system so that you’re ripe to fall prey to bacteria from something as innocent-looking as a stalk of celery. Even a cold, uncooked soup like gazpacho can mean trouble."

Read it here, and learn Mariani's own tip for "pregaming."