Eat this: The 'Faux-lafel' from Eat-A-Pita

The Faux-lafel from Eat-A-Pita, 128 S. 12th St.

Vegetarians point to falafel as a delicious example of their diet.

While ignoring the fact that the Middle Eastern seasoned chickpea balls are deep-fried.

Ralph Kane and Jamie Kelly wanted to sell falafel at their popular shop, Eat-A-Pita at 128 S. 12th St., but lack a deep fryer. They also talk a good game about health, as their pita sandwiches are stuffed with vegetables.

Enter the Faux-lafel. They start with their roasted garlic hummus, and add quinoa, flax seed, oat bran, sesame seeds and lots of cumin and cilantro, plus sea salt and black pepper.

Then they're shaped and grilled, stuffed into a pita, and topped with cilantro-yogurt sauce.

The result: falafel with all the crunch but not the fat.

It's $8 for a pita, or a $3 add-on to a salad.