Craft beer card game Thinking & Drinking encourages exploration of local breweries

Few things go together as well as a little tabletop gaming and a few brews, so it was only a matter of time before someone combined the two. Enter: Thinking & Drinking.

Developed by Royersford resident Jonathan Cooper and fully funded on Kickstarter, Thinking & Drinking is a self-described ‘craft beer card game’ that encourages players to explore their local breweries through conversation-starting questions.

“Other than your bed, where’s the last place you slept?” asks one card.

“If giving up cheese made you immortal, would you do it?” wonders another.

Tough questions, sure. But Thinkers & Drinkers also includes the profiles of more than 300 craft breweries across the United States on their cards, so you’ll have something to read while you mull over your answer.

Of those featured breweries, however, 18 come from Pennsylvania. And while stuff like Yuengling, Sly Fox, Yards, Victory, and Weyerbacher are present as one would expect, it’s the smaller craft brewers that make a strong showing here. Other Pennsylvania breweries in the game include:

  • 3 Guys & A Beer’d
  • Appalachian Brewing Company
  • Battlefield Brew Works
  • Brew Gentlemen Beer Company
  • Crystal Ball Brewing Company
  • Lavery Brewing Company
  • Rivertowne Brewing
  • St. Benjamin Brewing

The final version of the game features six decks of 54 question cards, each one with a different query and featured brewery to ogle. But lest you think they were added willy-nilly, developer Cooper insists it was a controlled process.

“We held an open submission process for breweries,” Cooper said. “Any brewery that fits the Brewers Association’s definition of craft brewery was eligible to participate.”

And, yes, Yuengling does belong in the game under those parameters. Last year, the Brewers Association adjusted the definition of craft beer, thereby putting Yuengling at the top.

Sadly, though, you’ll have to wait a little while to get your hands on a copy of Thinking & Drinking. The Kickstarter runs until June 10, and Cooper expects to begin shipping out decks beginning in September this year.