Chef offers all the its and bits

CLEM MURRAY / Staff Photographer

When's the last time you saw pig snout on a menu? What about pig feet? Pig ears?

Chef Joshua Lawler's "Its 'N' Bits" menu at The Farm and the Fisherman (1120 Pine St.) is an offshoot of his  whole-animal style of meat sourcing. Dude goes whole hog - as it were - rather than ordering parts such as a pork loin or chop.

"When we bring in animals for the menu, we prepare and seve as much of them as possible, and Its 'N' Bits is a showcase for the rare and special parts we don't include in regular menu items," Lawler said.

Recently, humanely raised, hormone-free heritage pigs from Wyebrook Farm were featured on the menu as Crispy Pork Snout and Becon and Bleu Cheese Figs.

The menu is handwritten by the chef and distribute to each table with a count beneath each dish. The count goes down upon ordering until none remain.

The Its 'N' Bits menu isn't available every night. Check the restaurant's Facebook and Twitter for availability or call 267-687-1555.