Art, food and education get together at the Rittenhouse Hotel

Chef Jon Cichon has lunch with students in Palates to Palettes.

Executive chef Jon Cichon of the Rittenhouse Hotel (and its Lacroix at the Rittenhouse) hosted students from the Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School earlier this month for the second annual Palates to Palettes, which exposes students to art and cuisine.

As partnered with the nonprofit Fresh Artists. the program also introduces the students to career paths in the creative economy.

The students joined Cichon for lunch and sketched a stylized tableau of the meal - caviar with traditional accoutrements: eggs, shallots, bellini, brioche and crème fraich. It marked the beginning of the students’ four-month still-life painting project.

The students also will visit Bistrot La Minette, Pub & Kitchen and Vernick for similar experiences, and after returning to the classroom, they will work on still life projects. 

In July, Palates to Palettes will be featured in an exhibition in the Education gallery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.