Answers from Questlove about food

Stephen Starr and ?uestlove from The Roots

The Hollywood Reporter laid down its "THR Taste Test" for Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson, the Philly-rooted drummer and now partner with Stephen Starr on Hybird, a fried chicken stand at Chelsea Market in New York.

Among the findings:

Thompson's guilty pleasure is a honey-roasted turkey hoagie and jalapeno chips from Cosmi's Deli, and a Tastykake butterscotch krimpet.

Thomson's big wish: "I want to be the In-N-Out Burger of my field, something that you have to make a pilgrimage to, so I would like to expand to only 10 locations. Actually, our second location might be outside the country. We’re taking a few meetings right now. I want to keep it more like a boutique, and not just cash in on it and become just another fast food restaurant.”

Oh, and he tells why he moved out of his house.

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