Seven must-try Thanksgiving recipes

Food-Thanksgiving-Dinner For Two
In this image taken on Sept. 24, 2012, a one-pan Thanksgiving dinner is shown served on a plate in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

Thanksgiving is next week and while some people have been viciously watching the Food Network and buying seasonal magazines in search for the perfect sides or the best turkey recipe, others may be left scrambling for recipes in hair-pulling frustration.

Either way, here are seven recipes to bring your Thanksgiving feast to a whole other level of tasty.

  1. Craig LaBan's Charcoal Grilled Turkey: Here is Inquirer restaurant critic Craig LaBan's popular recipe for cooking an "incredible barbecued bird."
  2. Jaybee’s Pumpkin Spice Stuffing: Jaybee’s stuffing was ruled best stuffing at Kitchen Kapers' new store in Marlton.
  3. Sweet Potatoes with Honey and Lime: "One taste and we never made the version with mini-marshmallows on top again" said the author of this recipe.
  4. Pumpkin Eggnog: Kaitlin Lunny of the fine blog I Can Cook That weighs in with a recipe for pumpkin eggnog that incorporates an old-fashioned recipe from the 1860s with newfangled Pinnacle spiced vodka.
  5. Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Meringue Drops: Not only are these cookies easy to make but author Sara Moulton says they're easy on your waistline.
  6. Thanksgiving Stuffing Cannolis: Chris Streahle's recipe for stuffed cannolis were a top vote-getter on
  7. Crispy Sweet Potato Burgers: This recipe for sweet potato burgers, via the blog Love & Lemons, is perfect for the vegetarian or vegan member of your family.