Flowers Show Archive: November, 2012

From the (Pea)Nut Gallery

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When you write about religion, you can expect some feedback from the asylums. This week was no exception. In response to my recent column... Read more

Be prepared, be very prepared...

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And so, the saga of the Boy Scouts continues. The City of Brotherly Love, not content with a federal court decision ordering it to leave the... Read more

A hero speaks

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There’s been a lot of talk about ‘coming together’ in the wake of a very divisive election. That’s disingenuous talk... Read more

The Tolerance of Liberals

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When you tell someone that you don’t respect their choices, they tend to react with anger. That’s what happened last week, when... Read more
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The hateful harbingers of 'change'

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Two of my good lady lawyer friends, smart and conservative and courageous, recently made me aware of just how low some liberals will sink when... Read more

Hope, for a change

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It’s no surprise that I had no patience with the “We’re the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For” mantra of Obama, version... Read more