And the child shall lead them

One small step for an unborn child, one giant leap for mankind.

A judge in Texas has ruled that the parents of a 16 year old pregnant teen cannot force her to abort her child against her will.

That seems like common sense.  We are not, after all, in China where forced abortions are a common, albeit tragic practice.

But apparently, some parents think their children (and their children’s unborn children) are disposable chattle.

The irony is that, for years, we have seen pro-choice groups lobby against parental notification laws which would give parents an opportunity to weigh in and help a daughter decide whether abortion was the right choice for her.  The ACLU and NARAL have taken such cases to the federal courts in an attempt to create a parental-free zone around the pregnant minor.

Now, those groups are suspiciously silent.  Why are they not giving sound-bites that approve of this judge’s decision since it essentially blocks the parents from invading that ‘zone?’

The answer is quite clear.  The purpose of groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL is to discourage birth, not encourage autonomy.  They are more interested in keeping abortion the ‘first’ choice, one that can be made over and over again.

As this teen’s mother was quoted as saying, she’d already had a number of abortions so the daughter should, too.

Let’s just hope that unborn baby never has to deal with ‘granny.’