Intolerant and Illiterate

I know that there must be good and tolerant people in the LGBT community, and I know that there are bright souls among their straight supporters as well. At the risk of using a stereotype, some of my best friends know gays (okay, maybe that wasn’t funny.)

The thing is this.  When I write about the Boy Scouts as I recently did, or gay marriage, or homosexuals in the Catholic Church, I try and do so with respect for the opposing side.  Indeed, my views are clear in that I think a private organization like the Scouts has no business being coerced into validating the sexual orientation of an 8 year old, that there is little to no support in the Bill of Rights for same-sex marriage and that the Catholic Church hates the sin, not the sinner.  I can imagine that this does not sit well with a lot of people.  And that’s fine, because everyone is entitled to their First Amendment…right?

But when you disagree with someone, as Sister Mary Augusta once told me, you have to do so agreeably.  Passion is fine, but profanity is not.  In fact, it has the exact opposite effect that you’re aiming for, to the extent that it hardens both the heart and mind of the recipient.

So here is a word to the wise…and the wise alecks.  If you want to convince me of the error of my ways, don’t do what a fellow named Matt Carter did when he responded to my recent piece about the Boy Scouts by, well, take a look:

“I could write something here well thought out, but why waste my time? Its clear you're a stupid c$nt.”  (and the dollar sign is not a stand-in for the vowel ‘a,’ Vanna)

Matt went on to say that “I hope you have some gay grandchildren (thats assuming some guy actually wanted to f$ck you, doubtful you wholly unattractive piece of shit excuse for a human being) that are told they cant do something because of the way they're born. You are an ignorant piece of shit. Im gonna pray you get in a savage car accident. how does that sound for a prayer?”

Except for the ubiquitous dollar sign which again replaces our favorite vowel, I have reproduced this email as it arrived in my inbox, with unique grammar and spelling.

Interestingly, this is one of the few emails from LGBT supporters I could actually print, since some of the others were, let’s just say, pushing the First Amendment envelope (as in, when I see obscenity, I not only know it but I can’t put it on my blog)

If gay rights activists really think that this is the way to change hearts and minds, they need to get some better mouthpieces.  Ones who speak English would be a good start.