The hateful harbingers of 'change'

Two of my good lady lawyer friends, smart and conservative and courageous, recently made me aware of just how low some liberals will sink when they are drunk on pyrrhic victory.

Linda Kerns, a tenacious defender of the right to vote, posted on her Facebook page a link to a recent Fox News Story involving Martin Bashir, Charles Krauthammer, and hateful hypocrisy.  Commenting on Krauthammer’s appearance on Fox after the election, Bashir quipped to his MSNBC audience that ““Now I need to apologize to any young viewers who may have been frightened by that face.”

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Charles Krauthammer

“That face” is one that poignantly reflects in its features the peerless courage of a man who was paralyzed while in medical school, completed his Harvard degree, became a certified member of the American Board of Psychology and Neurology and, in his free time, picked up a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1987.

Bashir, a British journalist of Pakistani descent, is not the first media liberal to criticize the revered conservative pundit.  He is simply the latest, and in his petty and pathetic commentary proves just how unhinged, to borrow a phrase from Michelle Malkin, the institutional Left has become.  They are so concerned with tolerance, but find nothing at all wrong with ridiculing a man who lives a daily calvary and neither complains nor seeks justification.  I wonder what would happen if I were to make fun of Bashir’s skin color, his funny accent or his foreign status.

Actually, I don’t have to wonder.

And then comes my beloved friend Tara, champion of the unborn and a tireless defender of at-risk children (and a mother of five of her own) who tells me of the craziness she’s seen on Facebook postings, where rabid females wild with the blood lust of electoral victory see fit to make comments like “Paul Ryan is a Douchebag,” “Paul Ryan is Evil,” “Paul Ryan is a Bitch Puppet,” “Republicans are Morally and Mentally Challenged,” and of course the usual liberal catch phrase “Theocracy was dealt a crushing blow yesterday. Let's *keep* it that way.”

I know that conservatives can be offensive.  I hate some of what passes for educated punditry on the right.  And I am not, I repeat not, a fan of Ann Coulter (who at least, however, knows how to spell.) 

But when you see what disgusting things have arisen from the damp, post-election earth, you have to wonder where our country is headed, with such as this in the driver’s seat.

Wonder, and shudder.