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I don’t like people who complain about ‘illegals.’  I’m completely against invalidating birthright citizenship, the principle that says if you are born on US soil, you are a US citizen.  It’s not good to tinker with the 14th Amendment, after all.

And yet, I have to be sympathetic to those who are angry about ‘birth tourism,’ the industry which encourages women from other countries (notably Mexico and Central America) to cross the border and give birth on this side of the Rio Grande so their babies can be given what some doubt President Obama has:  a US birth certificate.

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There is something odiferous in the fact that women would flock to this country, our homeland, simply to relieve themselves of some precious human cargo.  Most of the births that are the product of this creative type of ‘tourism’ are one shot deals; the mother gives birth, and then goes home.  However, that child will always have the right to a US passport which, in the future, might help Mama and Papa to immigrate legally.

And sometimes, Mama and Papa are not exactly the kind of people you want in the US.  Just this week, federal immigration authorities intercepted Alejandrina Giselle Guzman Salazar sneaking into the United States in an attempt to have Salazar junior on this side of the border.  Beyond the fact that the lovely Alejandrina was violating federal immigration laws, she is also the daughter of the most dangerous drug lord in Mexico.

The sins of the father shouldn’t be visited on the child, that’s true.

But this child shouldn’t be visiting.  Period.